Friday, August 17, 2007

Why should you order from us?

1-We made every thing fresh from scratch "Dough, sauce,Bread,Topping" NEVER FROZEN
2-We use the only brick oven in Columbus Ga. not a conveyor belt oven,"check the competitors"
3-We use the highest quality Cheese available (not a processed cheese).
4-We deliver to your door absolutely Free and faster than competitors.
5-We don't sell only Pizza But we carry Lasagna,Ravioli,Gyros,Subs,Wings,Fries,Burgers,.
....simply a full kitchen of Italian food.
6-We pass all health department inspections for the last 2 years with 100 of 100.
7-Our food is Affordable but not cheap (never eat the cheap pizza ) because we use the highest quality and it costs more.
8-We don't advertise to much so we can save advertising cost to make the best food.
9-We take your check to the next pay day.(under some rules)
10.Word of a mouth is how we get our business for every satisfied customer we get at least two recommendation for trying our food.

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Will Dockery said...

Hello, Mister T! How are things going at the good old Pizza Roma? I don't get out to the southside that much any more...

I just wrote a review of Pizza Roma on one of the websites, don't have the link handy but you should be able to find it by Googling "will dockery" + "pizza roma", and in fact this will probably bring up some of my many years of archiving Pizza Roma history... take care and hope the holidays are going well with you and the family!